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Recreational Classes

Atlanta North Stars  provides an opportunity for each student to participate in an organized fun and safe program of physical activity. The classes are designed to enhance the development of self-esteem, strength, coordination, and discipline. In order for each student to realize the maximum benefit from their participation, an emphasis will be placed on building a solid foundation in the fundamental skills of artistic gymnastics.

Preschool (Ages 3 & 4)

The class is 50 minutes long taught with a 6 to 1 ratio. This class teaches education of equipment, fundamentals of gymnastics with a focus on safety!  In addition, they will also begin learning position recognition, running, hopping forward and backward, the beginnings of cartwheels and handstands, holding on to the bars, walking on lower beams, and much more! Children are encouraged to take direction during activities rather than visually mimicking activities. We also explore their independence, building confidence, and self-awareness through fun "by myself" activities.

Kinder Gym (Ages 5 & 6)

This 50 min class is for Kindergarten students and acts as a transition from preschool class to the more structured format focusing more on gymnastics skills for our school-age program. Focusing on vault, bars, beam, and floor students will learn cartwheels, handstands, casts, bridges, walking on the medium beam, and more!

Beginner Gymnastics Level 1(Ages 7 - up)

The Beginner gymnastics class is 50 minutes of constant moving and fun! Gymnasts will have the opportunity to advance on all four events (vault, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor) building on the curriculum from previous classes.  This class introduces jumping in multiple positions, rolling both forward and backward, cartwheels, handstands, and backward rolls on floor;  walking in all directions, hopping, and ice cream scooping on beam, and more!

Beginner Gymnastics Level 2 (Ages 7 - up)

This curriculum focuses on perfecting the basic skills and fundamentals from all previous levels.  To advance to this level there is an evaluation of skills that must be completed such as backward rolls, handstand, and cartweels on the floor as well as full and upright handstands and cartwheels.  Beginner 2 begins to build a foundation for back handsprings, pullovers, and handstands on the beam.  Instructors will also begin to introduce light strength and conditioning exercises for the gymnasts!

Intermediate Gymnastics (by evaluation only)

This 80 minute class is another building block from our previous classes consisting of intermediate-level skills. This curriculum is a mix of variations of previously learned skills, 2 or more skills connected together, as well as completely NEW skills. In this class, your child will learn back hip circles on bars, back bend kick-overs and correct form chin up hip pullover, handstand to bridge, handstand forward rolls, back handsprings, one-arm cartwheels, cartwheels and handstands on the beam, and much more!!

Advanced Gymnastics (by evaluation only)

Advance Gymnastics Curriculum is taught as an 80 minute class for advanced-level gymnasts. The Curriculum focuses on more advanced skills such as front and back handsprings in connection, walkovers on Floor and Beam, handsprings on Vault, kips on Bars and much more!

Recreational Team (Levels 1 - 4)

This program is ANSG's invitation-only in-house team program. We host 3 'home' meets a year for these team girls to showcase their skills and routines.  For more information, speak with someone at the front desk.

Beginner Tumblers

Is a 50 minute class that prepares students for introductory tumbling skills. The curriculum includes handstands, cartwheels, basic air awareness, and preparation for front and back walkovers. Students will learn skills on floor and trampoline in addition to the pit area.

Intermediate Tumblers

Is a 50-minute class that teaches students their first 'flips!' The curriculum includes walkovers and front and back handsprings.  Once those skills are mastered we will begin to teach fundamentals for front and back tucks.  They will learn skills on both Floor and Trampoline in addition to the pit area.

Advance Tumblers

Is a 50-minute class that teaches students advanced flips. The curriculum includes front and back tucks, fulls, layouts, and more. Tumblers will also learn tumbling in connections, putting multiple flipping sequences together in one pass.  They will learn skills on both Floor and Trampoline in addition to the pit area.

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